Secret Agent Entertainment  services casinos, cruise lines, corporate buyers, performing arts centers, charities, festivals, fairs, trade shows,  colleges and clubs. Our  service agency represents performing musicians from the South bay area  (Rock, , Classic Rock,Tributes Bands, and Cover Bands) No matter what your target audience is, Secret Agent Entertainment  is guaranteed to offer something that will keep audience members coming back time after time. Secret Agent Entertainment takes pride in our exceptional service and understands that you need more than just a booking agency- you need a relationship.  While other agencies simply book artists.
 We provide a truly unforgettable experience! Secret Agent Entertainment  acts as a sort of spokesperson for the band and can aid in gaining venues’ trust. They’re there to relay why you deserve to play, especially if you've never played at a particular venue before. A good booking agent likely has a relationship with the venue already, and can communicate well with them. Secret Agent Entertainment  is also able to navigate the venue’s schedule, which may not always be up to date online.
 Want  a Unique Agent you found Her but don't tell anyone because she is The Secret  Agent . She  Represents  working musicians South bay community Since 2014  . If YOU DONT  SEE WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR Just contact us and tell us what your looking for and we will send you a match FOR your event 


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